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Over the last decade, I helped mange over 11 billion dollars in assets for one of the largest hedge funds in the World. There, I was responsible in implementing short-term trading strategies and was a key team member in generating record profits during extreme volatility. Overall, the team and I helped generate over one billion dollars in annual profits.

Then, in 2020, Brexit happened and I lost my right to work in the UK. Instead of applying for a Visa I decided I to take charge of my life. I was tired of selling my soul for a bigger bonus and longer working hours.

So in 2020, I quit my high-paying hedge fund job, traveled, and changed the trajectory of my life. I was never far away from the markets and continued to trade as I transitioned away from the office. Eventually, I moved back to Canada, bought a dog named Ricky, and started managing my own money full time.

A few months later the Covid- 19 pandemic happened and DTR was born! The covid drop and boom ended up changing my life as I scaled my trading account from 100k to 1.1million. It was during this time I noticed the poor quality of trading education available to the average retail trader. I figured that after 10 years of trading & beating the market I was finally ready to share. I learned a lot of valuable lessons working at a hedge fund and knew I could help level the playing field for retail day traders.

Now, I work with motivated traders and teach them the same skill-set I was taught at a multi billion dollar hedge fund. All from the comfort of my own home or an AirBnb somewhere fun. I haven't looked back since...

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I love working with smart and interesting traders from all walks of life.

If you have a business idea, an idea for collaboration, want to talk on a podcast, or hire me to train your team or company then let's chat.

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