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Tom C.

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"I learn so much each Monday and then see that hard work pay off during the week. I look forward to every newsletter every Monday."

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"Your candlestick education has been so key for me and now that I know what I want to see being patient is easy"

Samantha T.

"I’m becoming more confident in my Strat every week and I was actually be smart about sizing up this time. I'm learning and improving each week."

Ravi S.

"More than anything I have finally learned a structure that helps me keep learning. Every since your journaling email I have started noticing patterns in my mistakes. One trade at a time..."

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"Each email is straight to the point and never a waste of my time. I learn something new each week."

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Omar S.

"Impressive newsletter! I like your trading style because I am also interested in trading options on large caps. Looking forward to next week's edition."

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So I'm green on 9 consecutive Mondays And now only 1 red day in two weeks. Appreciate the help Mike!"

Emma W.

"I've learned more in the last 6 weeks than in the last 6 months. Can't wait to read next week's edition."

Jack L.

"I have a very small "learning account" that I'm learning with and your newsletter has been key. It's under 1k but had more positive days than negative last month. I'm getting better each week."

Sho T.

"Really loving this program and how you run it. Learning a pile of info and able to adsorb it all. Much appreciated"

Christina A.

"And again, your weekly emails are a huge helps, thanks a lot, hope you enjoy your rest of the week and good luck tomorrow!"